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Buffalo Chick Savory Cupcake Charcuterie Box


3 Pudding's in a Jar

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    Hello     Cupcake!

Dear CupCake!


We work hard every day to provide the best possible experience food experience. Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our team and customers. 



Featured on:

Food Network, Sugar Showdown, Food & Wine, Dr. Oz, People Magazine, 

Upscale Magazine, Eater, United Taste of America, Good Morning America

Bespoke  Bites...

Contemporary Private Kitchen-Off-Site catering company serving the Tri-State area and beyond of creative, colorful and unusual Bites. The service offerings are quite a change relative to the existing catering market.  It's a CupCake! Sweet & Savory Boutique injects new life into the catering market leveraging The CupCake Sommelier culinary skills to develop creative new flavors profile in Hors d' oeuvres and Desserts. 

We're about creating bites, memories and moments, honest and simple respect for ingredients, seasonal cooking bold and clean flavors.

Our world of clients, staff and friendships make our work feel necessary and fuels our passions to create and to serve.  

We simply believe in the power of people and in the magic of food that brings us all together.

                 Enhanced Flavors                 Locally Sourced             Exceptional Quality

                                                            Delicate Treats   Delicious Favorites

We're about an extraordinary food experience, where life is celebrated...

Have a cupcake day!
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