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Savory Cupcake

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Not Your Momma's Cupcakes!

A new sophisticated take on Hors D' Oeuvres

Our unique savory mini cupcakes are not sweet but elegant and tasty little bites perfect for serving as creative appetizers at your next upscale affair or dinner party.  Your cupcakes can be filled and topped with various creations of your choice.

Gourmet Cupcakes



Buffalo Chick   Award Winning

Spicy corn cupcake topped with creamy buffalo chicken or buffalo tofu 


Mr. Hummus

Herb cupcake topped with roasted red pepper hummus and garnished with cucumber


Mr. Bison

Smoked cupcake topped with a mini bison burger, tomato compote and special sauce

Diva Turkey

Smoked cupcake topped with a mini turkey burger, tomato compote and special sauce


A spicy cupcake topped with chunky guacamole



Corn cupcake topped with kicked-up guacamole, chorizo and manchego cheese


Real corn kernel cupcake topped with lime cilantro chicken and black beans

The Olive

A scallion cupcake topped with roasted red pepper and olive tapenade


Eggplant Caviar

Spiced tomato cupcake topped with eggplant caviar



Garlic herb cupcake topped with roasted tomatoes, mozzarella and basil


Thai Tofu

A herb lime cupcake topped with spiced Thai tofu and scallions



Sweet corn cupcake filled with tomato compote topped with mascarpone and parmesan


Minimum Order of Two (2) Dozen, One Flavor

Exquisite Cupcakes


The Tapas,     Award Winning

Spicy corn cupcake topped with garlic aioli, smoked salmon, tomatillo guacamole, roasted red pepper and a lime shrimp 


Moombahpus,  Upscale Magazine

Light herb cupcake with kimchi and grilled octopus


Sassy Salmon

Spicy cupcake topped with smoked salmon and champagne mustard dill sauce

The Lox,   People Magazine, Food & Wine Magazine

Scallion cupcake topped with smoked salmon chive cream cheese heirloom tomato and micro greens


Mrs. Mary

Mango herb cupcake topped with coconut crab salad


Richy Rich

Sour cream cupcake topped deviled egg, caviar and sour cream


Herb cupcake deviled egg and kimchi

Steak & Eggs

Smoked onion cupcake ribeye, kimchi and deviled egg


Twisted Lamb

Lemon mint cupcake topped with Moroccan lamb burger and lemon yogurt, preserved lemon 


Sir Duck

Plum sake cupcake topped with spicy plum hoisin duck and sesame seeds

The Shorty

Chocolate cupcake topped with mexican chocolate short ribs and orange chocolate sauce


Scallion cupcake topped with peppered brie fig vidalia onion sauce and pancetta


Mr. Spicy Beef 

Garlic and scallion cupcake topped with wasabi ketchup and sliced skirt steak


Ms. Tuna 

Grilled tuna steak spiced with Herbs de Provence over scallion cupcake



Lemon herb cupcake topped with a sweet baby scallop and corn puree


The Anna

Olive cupcake topped with serrano ham, manchego cheese and quince


Sake cupcake topped with blue cheese and honeycomb



Herb and leek cupcake topped with kobe beef and fontina cheese



Minimum Order of Two (2) Dozen, One Flavor


Also available Vegetarian and Vegan Savories
The toppings are endless, Lobster, Oysters let's create your signature cupcake to serve at your next event!

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