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Sweet Cupcakes


It's a CupCake! is the perfect way to celebrate the special moments in life! Sweeten your day with flavors that are timeless classics or with creative new flavors.

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Gourmet Cupcakes


Ms. Vanilla   

Sweet vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream


Mr. Chocolate

Chocolate cupcake, chocolate buttercream

Mrs. Velvet

Red velvet cupcake, cream cheese buttercream, white chocolate drizzle


Fudgy Dream

Chocolate chocolate chip cupcake, ganche, chocolate buttercream


Cinnamon cupcake, vanilla buttercream, vietnamese cinnamon

Cookie Dreams  vanilla or  chocolate

Vanilla cupcake, stuffed with cookie cream vanilla buttercream 

Toasted  Coconut

Vanilla cupcake, vanilla buttercream, sweet crunchy coconut


Fresh strawberry cupcake, strawberry buttercream


Ms. Rudy

Vanilla cupcake, caramel, vanilla buttercream caramel drizzle and snicker pieces

Cool Breeze

Chocolate cupcake, mint cream, vanilla or chocolate buttercream

Exquisite Cupcakes

Sweetie Pie   (Crowd Favorite)

Sweet potato cupcake, maple orange buttercream


Vanilla cupcake, pineapple cream, vanilla buttercream 

Viva La Bacon   Crowd Favorite

Cinnamon cupcake, maple buttercream, sweet salty bacon crown

Out of the Blue    Crowd Favorite

Vanilla cupcake, lemon curd, blueberry buttercream


Not Yo Mommas Fruit Cake

Spiced cupcake with alcohol infused fruits and nuts


Caramelized banana cupcake, cinnamon maple buttercream


Zay Zay

Chocolate cupcake, peanut butter, pretzels, vanilla buttercream


Sin a Mocha

Cinnamon cupcake, coffee cream, chocolate mocha buttercream, chocolate chips, caramel drizzle



Vanilla cupcake, strawberry jam, chunky peanut butter, vanilla buttercream crown


Sweet Salty Crunch

Vanilla cupcake topped with peanut butter, pretzels, chocolate chips and caramel


St Germane

Chocolate cupcake topped with sticky pecan coconut

The Lemondrop

Lemon cupcake stuffed with lemon curd vanilla buttercream


Suga Babies   $3.00 - $6.00each

                           $15.00 -$24.00per dz


Also available Vegan, Alcohol Infused, Sugar Free Cupcakes

 Let's create your signature cupcake to serve at your next event!

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